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Setting Out of Office Auto Replies in an Office 365 Shared Mailbox

Log into the Outlook Web App at https://outlook.office365.com using your Office 365 credentials Click on the profile icon on the top right Choose Open another mailbox Type in the email address or name of the Shared Mailbox and select open Click the settings cog on the top right and then click Automatic replies Adjust our settings to suits.

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SBS 2011 Best Practices Analyzer Engine Error

An error occurred while the computer was performing a Windows server Solutions BPA scan. For information about the error, review the log file at %programdata%MicrosoftWindows Server Solutions BPABPA.log or manually run Windows server Solutions BPA


As per microsoft KB2882634 

1. Navigate to "C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Microsoft\MicrosoftBaselineConfigurationAnalyzer 2\Reports\WSSGBPAResults\”

2. Delete the WSSGBPA_Lock

3. Run BPA Scan via Schedule Task

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Set Google as Default Search Provider in Internet Explorer

manage add-ons
google search provider Internet Explorer
manage add-ons-google search


For those users comming back to IE from Chrome or firefox, this causes a small ammount of frustration.

The Problem

if you open up Internet Explorer 

Click the Tools button (the Little gear Icon in the top Right hand corner of the title bar),

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