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About to start High School?

About to start High School?

We have had a few clients ring up over the last few weeks seeking advice on what is the best device to buy for their Child which is starting High School in 2016.

Usually the school will provide you the minimum requirement of the device. This should include how much RAM, Storage, Networking. etc.,

There are several considerations which they may not list, like the weight of the device. Remember your Kid is going to lug it around all day, and the Battery Life.

What we recommend is the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

The Surface is a device designed from the the ground up for "road warriors", a salesman which are always out and about, so they are Robust, Light and should last the day with out the need to be looking for a power outlet to charge it.

This 2 in 1 Device, works both as a Laptop or a Tablet, has a complete Windows Operating System and comes in a variety of Models.

The base Model have an Intel Core M3 Processor with 128Gb SSD Storage and 4Gb of RAM which retails for around $1350.00

The Next Model up has an i5 Processor with 128Gb SSD Storage and 4Gb of RAM which is worth the extra $150 as the processing power of the i5 will mean you can get a longer life out of the device,

Our Choice though would be the Surface Pro4 i5 with 265Gb SSD Storage, 8Gb RAM, though coming in at around $2000, this is quite an expensive device. This device however should last a good 4 years.

You will also want to purchase a Keyboard / Cover which will set you back another $200.

Most Schools provide Pupils with Software, so no need to purchase Microsoft Office or Adobe Creative Suite.

You can check out the Surface Page at Microsoft Or if you need help setting things up, we are only a phone call away!

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