Design & Procurement

design and procurement

In the ever changing IT world, It can be a difficult task to digest all of the available services and options for your business. Then, once you have work out what you think you need, all of the peices need to be put together, and hopefully allow you to achieve your goals.

Our design and procurement services will work with you to establish the needs and goals of your organisiation. We will take the time required to understand your business, find the pain points you have and the elements that make your organisation unique.  We can then define a complete IT Streaegy and architecht the right platfrom to deliver the services and equipment you require, provide the availability needed and suit your budget.

We can manage all vendors in your solutions, keeping in contact with these organisations to ensure that your systems are maintained correctly, and preforming as intended through out the product life cycle.

Our Design and Procurement Services goal is to not only meet the needs of your business today, but also your needs of tomorrow.
Network Design hand drawing

Get all of your Business digital services solution managed:

  • LAN / WAN Network design
  • Active Directory design
  • Asset Tracking
  • Server Design and Procurement
  • Desktop and Portable systems
  • Peripheral Devices
  • Software Licensing